100+ End Credit Templates

Alright guys, before we discuss my current situation, lets me tell you what you will get in return for your generous donation. I am offering a cinematic tool kit that contains;

1000 color grading presets, which are divided into categories. From old film look to Black and White look to the trendy Instagram look. More importantly, they will make your footage look consistent.

This pack also includes 100+ closing credits, 100+ fonts with license and source links, 13 background sound FX, and an After Effects advertising template.

The Pack also includes 25+ Stock footage, all these footage are licensed under creative commons and can be used and monetized for any project, however, this footage mostly features shots from India and open seas. Of course, you can use them in any project but I have included them primarily for you to have a test run with your presets, fonts, and VFX templates before you apply them in your own footage.

You can find the preview on the product page below.

NOW! Here is the deal. I need your help. I need to raise money for a loan payment so we don’t lose our home.

My name is Sazeda Azad, I am a professional videographer and Digital Artist currently residing in Mumbai. My profession allowed me to travel around the world and work for some amazing companies, including Nat Geo Traveller India.


I bought a house, took a loan for it, got sanctioned by January 2020. I paid my first installment on March 3rd, and on that very month, India went under Covid19 lockdown. In that period Indian government offered a loan Moratorium, which is basically a period during a loan term when the borrower is not obligated to make a payment. It is a waiting period before the borrower starts making fixed monthly payments.

However what I didn’t realize is that the moratorium period levied heavy interest, and once the Lockdown was over I had to pay my EMI, with those heavy interest. Both for my loan and my credit card which obviously got maxed out during the lockdown period (6 months).

Unfortunately, things only got worse when the lockdown was lifted, film companies around the world remain shut, the travel industry also remains shut. All the sources of my income got shut down. I kept paying for my loans and my credit card bill from my savings and fixed deposit for the past 5 months. But now I have completely run out of cash. I have no savings left and I have to pay nearly 2 Lac Rupees ($3000 USD) by 15th FEB 2021 and 17 Lac Rupees ($25000 USD) overall. I tried online Jobs, affiliate marketing, and even launched an E-commerce store using Shopify since the lockdown was lifted, but nothing work. I only wasted whatever little money I had.

Unlike the US, the Indian government is not offering stimulus cheques to its citizen, we are on our own, and missing a loan payment means increased interest with a lot of penalties not to mention constant calls and harassment from the collection agents.


My goal is to raise $1000 USD by 28th FEB and $25000 USD by 14th March 2021.

To achieve this goal I have created this fundraiser, a pay what you can option is set with $100 minimum payout.

All of them are licensed under creative commons, you don't have to give any attribute to me and can use it for commercial purpose. Every footage is royalty-free and can be used on YouTube, Vimeo, online ads, or simply as a social media post.

You can easily recover your investment with AdSense within weeks. But your Donation could literally save my home and livelihood. So please, help in any way you can. My Family Thanks You immensely.

If you want to contact me, you can write me to at [email protected]